Custom Quilt Pricing Scheme

This scheme includes materials and labor. 

Base rate:
$0.50 per square
$10 per applique
Batting, backing, and finishing: $20 per square yard

Mitered border: $20
Machine quilting: $1 per square foot (may not be available for large quilts)
Binding: $1 per foot (quilt circumference)
Mounting loops: $5 

Bulk discount: 10% off patchwork rate for each 1,000 squares
Substitute contiguous background: $5 per square yard + necessary appliques

Keep it simple, stupid.  But I'll do as much work as you're willing to pay me for.  ;D
Up to 8-bit, 16-bit, or GBA color palettes only.
Calico patchwork only recommended for 8-bit palettes or lower.

Materials down payment: $200 or total cost, whichever is lower.